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Help the Families of Hurricane Harvey

The Kids N Tennis Program has been in Houston for six years. We have over 40 kids and 30 families in our program that have been forced to evacuate their homes. Most have relocated to family, friends, or local shelters.

Recently we were asked how can the Greater Portland Area Businesses, Citizens, and Tennis Community could help families in Houston who are severally hurt by Hurricane Harvey. Our answer is to raise money to provide cash, shop/wet vacs, and garbage cans, for the disposal of water-damaged furniture. Please note that the Red Cross and others are already providing food, clothing, personal products and more.



Where's the Beef?

Where’s the Beef?


Kids N Tennis is a small organization looking to help out in a very tough situation in Houston.. Your donation is tax-deductible. We greatly appreciate your efforts to help families whose lives have been devastated by these catastrophic events. We have received donations ranging from $25.00 to $1000.00, so whatever works for you will help us assist hundreds of families as we reach our goal of $20,000. Please not that 90% of all funds raised will be awarded to people in need of assistance.

Sincerely thank you in advance for all your help!
Don Johnson, CEO
Kids N’ Tennis, Inc.

Please see donation link at the bottom of the page.

We would like to acknowledge thank the following people for initially stepping up and helping.

Ben & Teresa Shaver – Portland Oregon General Contractors . ($750.00)

Charlie and Karen Irish-Borrego – $500.00

Ed Song – Inner City Tennis Association, Los Angeles, CA. ($250.00)

Michael Navarro – Open Meadow Learning Center, Portland, Oregon ($300.00)

Donald Johnson – Kids N’ Tennis, Inc. ($100.00)

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